Regional sights

East Rift Valley Line: Chishingtan, Ami Culture Village, County Cultural Center, East Hawaii, Royalton Hill Park, Carp Lake, sweep the pair are pillars through Hot Springs, Hot Springs Mizuho, ​​Fuyuan Forest Recreation Area ……
Coast Highway Line: South Temple, Isozaki Bay, Shek Mun waterfront, Danti Ping, Hsiukuluan, Changhong Qiao ……
Taroko National Park: Spring Shrine, Swallow, Jinyan Gong Park, Tunnel of Nine Turns, mother bridge, Intertek, Yu Ling, Bullock Bay ……

Features, specialty

Features, specialty: potato Hualien, Hualien taro mochi, Ikegami rice, Roselle, red rice, lily flowers, plum products, skinned peppers, Tsuruoka tea, Mola, marble ……

Hotel to each scenic spots car: 5-10 minutes Hualien downtown, train station 10 minutes, airport 20 minutes, Chishingtan 20 minutes, 40 minutes Carp Lake, Ocean Park 30 minutes, Sunbeam Mega farm 40 minutes, Ami Culture Village 20 minutes, Taroko National Park, 50 minutes, Intertek 100 minutes ……

Hotel desk offers rental bicycles, motorcycles, cars or boating and Ocean Park tickets on sale …… related Exhibitors News

Hualien Tourism months to Aboriginal whirl Lan. Brilliant extraordinary

11/6 Taroko International Marathon road race. 11/9 Walk of Fame magical lighting press conference.
11/13 at Ocean Park – embrace the sea. To joy.
11/14 National Symphony Mahler found three series – the answer to life’s concert tour ~
11/16 Korea Jeju legislation dance performances.
11/20 to Avenue of Stars, held a grand Carnival Parade Aboriginal creative dance.
11/24 National President’s Cup boxing tournament. Taiwan International Women’s Boxing Tournament.
11/27 Music Festival ~ Taroko Gorge heart.

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