Anna Xi Restaurant

The restaurant is located on the second floor to Anna Xi, vision landscape excellent continental buffet, coffee and a variety of exquisite beauty spot, Chocolate Fountain Dipping & Doner Kebab with a Shawaram Machine when you can enjoy your meal on the occasion of the Pacific Ocean sunrise, sunset and the beauty of the starry night, especially in Hualien side of the little lights, adding a bright dining atmosphere.

* Business Hours:
Early -7: 00 to 9:45 Night -5: 30 to 8:45
Lunch 11: 30 ~ 1:45 Afternoon Tea -2: 30 to 4:15

* Business: Continental buffet (breakfast, lunch and dinner) Tea

restaurant place restaurant


Yat Tung House Restaurant

Located on a second floor of the East Wing Yi restaurant, spacious and elegant decor, friendly, dedicated service, providing a wealth of delicacies and eastern particular Aboriginal Jane 0; features box and luxurious Grand Ballroom for lunch and dinner set the table in the hope that each guest can enjoy the taste to cook exquisite craft.

* Business Hours: Lunch 11: 30 ~ 2:00 late -5: 30 to 9:00

* Business: Chinese lunch, dinner and banquet set the table.

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