Hualien – Located in Taiwan’s most beautiful, natural, pure east, after the central mountain range of the screen, east of the vast, magnificent Pacific Ocean, between the East Rift Valley and Coast Highway scenery, beautiful scenery, more imposing Taroko National Park, a world-class gorge, steeply Chihiro cliffs, bluffs and rolling winding cave tunnel, streams … and so on, it is the infinite wonder of nature.

Astar Hotel in this landscape Yuk Sau, Humanities Hualien colorful promenade, covering about 3,500 floor, overlooking the mountain and sea views, views of the Pacific, Hualien panoramic view, offers a variety of spacious and comfortable rooms and various recreational facilities, from the airport, train station about ten minutes, and convenient transportation, looking forward to your embrace mountains, listening to the whisper of the sea, so that the wind flying holiday mood.

Marina building, open view of the sea, with a garden after Caoting pergola, palm-fringed, sketched out a casual view. Astar veteran Aboriginal woodcut art, whether landscape or style are refined and elegant, friendly service leaving visitors leisurely pace at and enjoy holiday feelings.

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